How We Work is As Important As What We Do

A key HMF Accounting and Consulting priority is to make it easy for you to work with our team. We ensure we are clear about our process, respectful of your time, candid with our recommendations and active in producing results within your budget. We use industry best practices and have the expertise to deliver the solutions you need.

  • Assess & Plan  We start each engagement by understanding your needs, desired business results, and current state. From here, we create a mutually agreed upon project plan.
  • Strategize & Design In partnership with you, we turn strategy into a practical tactical approach by creating specific design recommendations.
  • Create & Test Our materials are created with care, attention and accuracy. We test each product to ensure it meets our high quality standards and achieves your goals.
  • Launch We partner with you to ensure a successful solution launch in your organization. We may be responsible for specific launch activities or help you successfully coordinate all the moving parts!

We’re Committed to Sustainable Improvement

Evaluate, Refine, Sustain

We believe solutions have greater value if they are sustainable within your organization once implemented. Whether this means creating a new hiring strategy, following up on expected performance, continuous measurement, or refinement of a business change, we will help you achieve sustained results.

Our Clients Value

  • Creativity & Innovation

    In consulting approaches, learning solutions, technologies, visual design and packaging that drive results

  • Experienced
    Team Members

    With both progressive hands-on experience building the right solutions and strategies to improve performance and thought leadership

  • Partnership & Collaboration

    With an emphasis on an open and honest relationship, supportive coaching, and guidance

  • Solutions

    Focused on business needs and on giving you the options to deliver the most value within your budget

  • Efficiency &

    That result in rapid design, development practices and tools

  • Process with

    Through proven processes, standards and “no-surprises” project management