Our Story

Since 1993, HMF Accounting and Consulting. Has successfully partnered with organizations seeking to improve productivity, address challenges, and benefit from new opportunities. Our deep understanding of business means our solutions address your needs on time and on budget.We excel at developing high quality, practical performance and learning solutions. Based in Ottawa, Canada, we are a global player in the performance and learning sectors.

HMF Accounting and Consulting president, Christine Link, has assembled an award-winning staff and associate team driven by developing strong client relationships, progressive approaches to solution development, and innovative performance solutions. We have the capability to rapidly scale resources to meet your needs across industries and the global marketplace.


Years in business

Since 1993
Repeat & referral business
Long term clients

Our Team

HMF Accounting and Consulting global team members are carefully matched to your project’s needs to ensure success on each engagement.
Here are some of the core HMF Accounting and Consulting team roles.

  • These consultants work with our clients to assess their overall goals, current state and create performance improvement strategies or specific learning strategies.

    Learning &

  • Responsible for each HMF Accounting and Consulting initiative and ensuring it meets your objectives these team members act as consultants and partners.


  • Bringing your message to life visually and technically. Our creative team makes the complex look simple, creating impact with each deliverable.

    Creative &

  • This specialized team works alongside business leaders as they engage,¬†transform and lead their organizations.

    Change &

  • Globally available to clients in multiple languages, this team adapts to all audiences and facilitation needs, including: training, process design, leadership forums and client meetings.


  • Instructional integrity is behind all our designs and our team is known for its ability to work with client experts virtually and in person.


Global, Experienced

Our diverse team has practical, hands-on experience. They live, work and contribute to the performance and learning profession on five continents. Their broad industry backgrounds and significant expertise in all areas of our work means we can propose impactful solutions because we understand business problems and opportunities from multiple perspectives. We get it!


The HMF Accounting and Consulting team is committed to creating the best experience for you and your teams.

Scalable, Peace of Mind

We can easily scale our global team to meet the needs of your projects, large or small. We are also able to provide the following administrative and support services:

  • video production services
  • print production & shipping
  • user interface design
  • business design


Many clients rely on HMF Accounting and Consulting, as a trusted partner, to manage various ongoing project support tasks, providing them with the peace of mind that projects will be managed on time and on budget.